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Share the PlayCroco Craic: Your Mates Will Thank Ya for It!

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G’day, Croco crew! It’s your favourite reptilian host, Croco, bursting with news that’s as thrilling as spotting a croc in the wild (but a lot safer). Have you ever found yourself spinning the reels or flipping the cards at PlayCroco Casino and thought, “Blimey, my mates would love this!”? Well, guess what? Our Refer-a-Friend Program is here to turn those thoughts into cold, hard bonuses!

How to Share the Croco Spirit

Wanna get your mates in on the action and earn yourself a cheeky $50 credit for each one who joins the party? Here’s how you get the ball rollin’:

  1. Log In to Your Croco Lair: Scoot over to your PlayCroco Casino account and hit that burger menu faster than a kangaroo dodging traffic.
  2. Spot the ‘Refer a Friend’ Option: It’s right there in the menu, waiting for you like a cold beer in the fridge.
  3. Unleash the Invites: You’ve got options, cobbers. Add up to 5 of your mates’ emails or go wild on social media with your unique referral link.

Just remember, your pals need to be fresh to Play Croco – no existing accounts – and ready to dive into the best online casino experience down under and beyond!

What’s In It for Your Mates?

Your friends aren’t just signing up for the heck of it. Here’s their walkabout guide:

  1. Sign Up with Your Special Link: They need to create their shiny new PlayCroco Casino account using the unique link you’ve shared.
  2. Deposit a Cheeky $20: Topping up their account unlocks the magic, making them – and you – eligible for that sweet $50.

Psst… Remind them to peek in their spam folder – just in case our welcome gets lost on the way to the party! By the end of the month, you could be rolling in an extra $50 for every mate who’s joined and deposited. Easy as!

What’s This Refer-a-Friend Business Really About?

At Play Croco, referring friends is as rewarding as finding a secret fishing spot that’s brimming with barramundi. For every mate that signs up and makes their first splash with a deposit, you get rewarded with bonus play money. It’s our way of saying good on ya for bringing your gang into Crocoland to have some fun with me – and you – at PlayCroco Online Casino.

Reeling in Your Refer-a-Friend Bonus

If you’ve been a top mate and got your friends to join the fun at PlayCroco, we make sure to tip our hats (and bonuses) to you at the start of each month. All you’ve got to do is keep an eye on your account, and make sure you’ve met the friendly wagering critters along the way.

PlayCroco Casino Refer-a-Friend Bonus T&Cs

Before diving in, here’s the skinny on the T&Cs so you’re not left scratching your head:

  • The ‘Referrer’ and ‘Referred Friend’ Gist: You’re the referrer, your mate’s the referred friend – easy.
  • A Tad on Deposits: You’ve gotta have dipped your own toes in at least once with a deposit at PlayCroco Casino.
  • Balance and Withdrawals: Keep your balance under $1 and with no pending withdrawals to snag your earnings.
  • Bonus Playthrough: Your earnings hang tight until you’ve danced through the bonus playthrough.

That’s the full drum on how to spread the PlayCroco cheer and make a tidy sum doing it. Righto, get those invites flying and let’s beef up the Croco clan – bigger, braver, and with more bounce than ever! Catch ya on the flip side, Crocos!

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