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PlayCroco is home to many things. We have our cool, fun and always happy reptilian mate Croco, plus some of the best online casino table games and pokies on offer. But the thing that makes PlayCroco a straight up beast when it comes to digital casino offerings is our practically endless list of Play Croco casino bonuses

These bonuses are accessible once you become an official PlayCroco member and start your journey as BabyCroco. From no deposit bonuses to special Play Croco casino bonuses that come with certain promotions, we boast more barnstorming bonus offers than a fully grown RoyalCroco has teeth!

Better yet, all of our exclusive Play Croco casino bonuses have been carefully curated by Croco himself. That means you can kick back and put your claws up knowing that you’re about to be fed some seriously mouth-watering free bonuses and deposit offers, starting with the ones below…

Member only Play Croco casino bonuses

Here’s a question for you: where can you go to score the best casino bonuses AND hang out with a fun-loving crocodile? Right here of course! Check out some of our member’s only Play Croco casino bonuses here or click through our pages for more information.

Weekly CrocoBoost

Scoring bonuses and playing online casino games is hard going, which is why it’s only natural to work up a thirst. Of course you can reach for boring old water, but we recommend taking a swig of a CrocoBoost Shake instead. If only because it comes with a $100 free bonus!

Lucky Loco Draw

Now that your thirst has been quenched, it’s time to inject some energy into your week with a bonus that can go as high as $777! Once described as “hotter than a sunbaking alligator’s forehead”, this Play Croco casino bonus is part of our Lucky Loco Draw.


Listen up, fellow radical reptilians. Not all PlayCroco casino bonuses are about earning free cash. CrocoSpins, for example, actually awards you daily free spins so that you can keep that winning momentum going.

Pokie of the Month

Our Pokie of the Month promotion awards you double the comp points as normal, but we don’t stop the good times there. During this promo you also get a deposit bonus with free spins for our nominated pokie. Can’t say we don’t spoil you!

Class perk bonuses

To sign up for PlayCroco is to sign up for a fantastic journey through the incredible Land of PlayCroco as you try to level up your Croco character. This feature is part of our innovative rewards system which makes PlayCroco highly unique and one of a kind when it comes to online casinos. 


How it works is that upon joining PlayCroco, you’ll start off on the first tier as a BabyCroco character. As you deposit, bet and otherwise spend time playing with PlayCroco, you’ll advance through the tiers until your reach the fourth and final RoyalCroco level.


Each of these four tiers comes with its own set of perks and PlayCroco casino bonuses, which further adds to your PlayCroco experience. Of course these perks get better and better as you progress, but rest assured that even the Play Croco casino bonuses for BabyCroco are still pretty awesome. 

Exclusive no deposit bonuses

When it comes to bonuses, most of the Play Croco casino bonuses require you to deposit cash or play a particular title before you can claim them. But here’s something that’s going to blow your sunnies off: we also host a few exclusive no deposit bonuses for you to pick up. There’s no catch with these beauties, no hoops to jump through in order to claim them. We’re handing them out like legs of ham at a buffet breakfast for crocodiles and you can stuff your face full for as long as they’re valid. We call them no deposit bonuses and they’re super refreshing in a world where everything has its price. You might just call them the best damn thing since sliced bread though. Either way, these rewards are a great surprise and they’re sure to give your odds of winning a good kick up the backside.
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Delivered straight to your inboxes

In the modern world we’re always checking something. Checking Instagram, checking Facebook, checking the letter box and checking whether or not someone has magically deposited a million dollars in our bank account.

We don’t want you to have to check anymore then you have to, which is why all Play Croco casino bonuses are delivered straight to both your email and casino inbox. This way you get instant access to unbeatable special prizes as soon as we send them. 

No more waiting around for snail mail or trawling the web looking for exclusive bonuses. When you choose PlayCroco as your preferred online casino game provider, you’ll never miss anymore Play Croco casino bonuses or promotions ever again.

How to redeem your Play Croco casino bonus

“But Croco… how do we redeem all of these fantastic, fun and thrilling bonus offers?” Well, that’s easier than leading a crocodile to water. All you need to do is open them up in your email or casino inbox then follow they steps that we’ve provided. 

Most of the time Play Croco casino bonuses will come with a coupon code that needs to be redeemed. This is normally the case with no deposit bonuses. Other times there will be certain conditions that need to be met a la our Pokie of the Month or CrocoBoost bonus offers

Either way though, redeeming Play Croco casino bonuses is fast, simply and uncomplicated. So you spend less time trying to access our awesome rewards and more time going “Cha Ching!” on your favourite online casino titles.

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