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What’s the Go at PlayCroco? It’s More than Just Pokies, Mates!

Beyond Pokies at PlayCroco Casino – Table Games & More!

Righto, mates. It’s Croco here, about to tell you all about the exciting game menu over here at PlayCroco Casino. Now, we all know that Crocoland is choc-a-bloc with pokies – and PlayCroco is a first-rate destination if you’re deadest on giving those reels a twirl.

Is there more to the lush green space that is PlayCroco Casino than reel-based action, though? You bet ya! Let’s take a squiz at the rest of the game menu. From the strategy of the tables to the quick thrills of video poker, and not forgetting the outright fun of specialty games, there’s a bonzer selection for everyone.

Ace the Tables: Blackjack, Poker, and More!

Fancy yourself a bit of a card shark or keen to test your strategy? The Table Games tab at PlayCroco Online Casino is bursting with options. Get your game face on for Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack, Blackjack + Perfect Pairs, and other blackjack variants that’ll have you aiming for 21 like there’s no tomorrow.

If poker’s more your style, you’re in luck. Caribbean Stud Poker, Tri Card Poker, and other variants are here to challenge your bluffing skills and bring that poker face into play. Whether you’re a poker prodigy or just keen to learn the ropes, there’s a spot at the Play Croco table waiting just for you.

Video Poker: A Reel Twist on a Classic Game

Alright, let’s crank up the volume on this one. If you’ve got a soft spot for the pokies but you’re itching for something that tickles your brain just a tad more, then mates, our Video Poker section is your new best friend. With stacks of variants including the likes of Jacks or Better, Aces and Eights, Deuces Wild, and Sevens Wild, you’ll find yourself in a gamer’s paradise.

The Video Poker menu at Play Croco is so chockers, it’s like having your own personal casino arcade (minus the need to wear pants). While the luck of the draw is still up to chance in video poker, you’ve gotta make those brain gears work a bit with a dash of strategy.

Specialty Games: The Spice of Croco Life

Looking for something a little different? Our Specialty section is where the oddballs and mavericks of the gaming world hang out, all top-notch fun in their own right. Take aim in Fish Catch, a competitive multi-player shooting game. Or help Banana Jones navigate through the jungle in a board game adventure that’s as unpredictable as a toss in a game of two-up.

Not to forget, we’ve got European Roulette for those who love to watch the big wheel spin and Keno for players who enjoy matching numbers for big wins. These games are the perfect change of pace when you’re looking to mix things up a bit.

The Great Croco Wrap-Up: There’s A World Beyond Reels!

Alright, cobbers, reckon you’ve picked up a trick or two from our yarn today? Then good on ya! Just remember, while pokies might be front and centre at PlayCroco Casino, we’re more than just a shiny façade. Beyond those buzzing reels, there’s a whole carnival of table games, video poker, and specialty games waiting to throw you into a new adventure.

So, whether you’re keen to spin those reels or you’re after a bit of variety, rest assured, a bounty of entertainment options await at Play Croco Online Casino. Dive in, give these games a burl, and discover your new favourite way to win. Catch ya on the flip side, Crocos!

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