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Play Croco casino bonus codes

Before you can get your claws on a casino bonus, you’ll have to secure a casino bonus code. These bonus codes are essential when to comes to claiming either a deposit or no deposit bonus, since you’ll need to punch them into our coupon code section in order to get your offer.

Think about our Play Croco casino bonus codes like a secret key. With one of these bad boys in your back pocket, you can unlock exclusive member only rewards. You can then use these rewards on your favourite casino table games or online pokies. Because a bit of extra firepower never goes astray. Especially when you’re trying to take down that jackpot or elusive top award!

So if the idea of a casino bonus code makes your scales tremble with anticipation, then listen up. This page is dedicated to Play Croco casino bonus codes. Grab some of our more regular codes, discover where to find them and learn how to redeem them by reading on below. 

Everything you need to know about our online casino bonus codes lives right here…

Regular Play Croco bonus codes

First up we’re going to give you the bonus codes for some of our regular promotions. 

  • Welcome Bonus #1: Use the code PLAYCROCO for 200% up to $5000
  • Daily Free Spins: Make a deposit to get your unique coupon code
  • Pokie of the Month: Enter our unique pokie of the month code to get free spins for that particular pokie
  • Welcome Bonus #2: Redeem the first welcome bonus then enter PLAYCOOL to chomp down on an extra $50

New Game Bonus: Every new release comes with a unique casino bonus code that offers a bonus plus free spins

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How to get casino bonus codes

You don’t have to go far to get your PlayCroco casino bonus codes. Croco has pretty much done all the hard work for you. He’s swum through billabongs, tramped across sandbanks and scoured the lush mangroves in the Land of the Play Croco to find them. All so you can simply sign up to access our most splendiferous coupons. 

Of course, a few bonus codes come with conditions. For example; you’ll need to contact our customer support team in some cases. This isn’t a problem though. Our customer report team has more energy than a crocodile that’s been on an all-night Red Bull bender. Just flick ‘em an email and they’ll get right back to you. Trust us, it will make their day!

Where to find Play Croco casino bonus codes

Where can you find Play Croco online casino bonus codes? Well, like we said, you don’t have to go far. In fact, we’ll send some codes directly to you, while others can be found on the coupon section of our website. Here’s where you can pick up Play Croco casino bonus codes:

Casino messenger

That’s right. We send these beautiful bonus codes right to your casino messenger. So the next time you check Instagram, Facebook or Tick Tock, remember to give your casino messenger a squiz too. There may be a big fat bonus code sitting there just waiting for you to redeem it.

Email inbox

If your casino messenger inbox is emptier than a crocodile’s lunchbox after midday, then you best have a look at your email inbox. We’re always sending bonus offers this way, but not to the point that we’re annoying of course. To Croco, spam is just another thing to eat.

Promotions page

For instant access to allllll of our bonus codes and promotions, simply head on over to our promos page by clicking the “star” icon at the bottom of the PlayCroco website lobby screen. Once there you can access all of our current casino bonus codes at the tap of a thumb or the click of a button. Safe to say that pumping up your odds of winning big is a piece of cake at Play Croco.

Using our casino bonus codes

You know where Play Croco casino bonus codes live, you know how to access them and you know what they are. Now all you need to know is how to use them. This depends on which device you are using.


For mobile gamers, log into your account and hit “Menu” in the bottom left, then tap “Coupon” near the top left. Add your desired coupon and follow the next steps.
Play Croco Casino Bonus


Click “Cashier” once you’ve logged into your casino account and pick which casino bonus code you would like to redeem in the “Coupons” section.
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